Madtempest Holdings, Inc. is an umbrella for several companies and a lot of different ideas.

It started in 1996, on AOL. Who knew then that the search for a unique screen name would be the beginning of what today has become a very recognizable name online.

So what is madtempest? These days it is more than just a screen name, it is a brand. Madtempest represents a catalog of interests, ranging from literature and writing, to many different musical interests, to film and photography, and of course to many different things having to do with computers, technology, and the internet.  When viewed in this light, you see it truly is a mad tempest of ideas and interests, all distinctly different, yet all related in very obvious ways.  Madtempest is a way to take all these things, put them in a big box and shake it all up, and somehow make it work.

Basically, we are all kinds of geeks. But you probably knew that already.

Madtempest is also Wicked Sons. Wicked Sons is Madtempest, but focused primarily on music industry-related projects. Through Wicked Sons, we’ve worked on websites and photo/video work for bands like the Pixies and Lollapalooza, Rodney Crowell, Work Song Music, The Martinis, Dead Can Dance, and many others.

We’ve worked on record labels, and produced some albums. We’ve worked with some great bands, including OK Go, They Might Be Giants, The Rosebuds, Matthew Sweet, British Sea Power, Frank Black, Kristin Hersh, the Dresden Dolls, and a ton of others. Are you interested in any or all of this? If so, then Contact Us, because we should probably be friends.

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