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Lake Kanasatka Gifts – Greenhouse Farms Demo Site

Recently I was tasked with creating a demo site, something to showcase some features for a market we are looking to target, namely the greenhouses/farmers/growers located here on the east end of Long Island. This is another great WordPress/Woocommerce website design and shopping cart implementation.  So what does that have to do with Lake Kanasatka?  Nothing!

Years ago, my family would vacation up on Lake Kanasatka, in New Hampshire. It was so beautiful up there on the lake, and I had a brilliant idea to create a website selling Kanasatka-related merchandise. I never did get that site off the ground, but I have owned www.lakekanasatkagifts.com for quite a long time, and since I needed a URL for my demo site, I decided to use this one. It makes no sense, but for a test site that’s ok.

This is just a sample of what can be done with a nice clean design template coupled with a solid platform and a robust shopping cart system. If you own a business in Suffolk County and are looking for web design from a local expert, feel free to Contact Us.

Pixies: A Visual History Site Redesign

I was pretty sick for a few weeks recently, which was a perfect time to redesign the Pixies book website. It was something I’d wanted to do for a while, so not being able to talk on the phone or really go anywhere gave me the chance to do some new things with it.  I installed a new WordPress theme, set up a new WooCommerce cart system and really started from scratch.  I think the site looks great and really does a fine job of showcasing the book. What do you think?  www.pixiesbook.com