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Suffolk County WordPress Expertise

Here at Madtempest, we have been building websites in Suffolk County WordPress since 2004. And while it initially provided web tools for bloggers, in recent years it has become the go-to solution for web developers looking for a content management system to allow site owners to create their own content without the technical know-how of running a website.

We know in today’s business world you need a website. Madtempest Holdings has been building websites on Long Island in Suffolk County, New York since the 1990’s.  For many years, we were frustrated with the state of the web development industry. We could build great looking websites, with lots of features and technology, but the tools available to allow a business owner to update their own site were extremely limited. It required a lot of time and coding and was never the simple solution we needed. Once WordPress was rolled out, we took a look at it as a tool for building websites, and while it was great for bloggers, it still lacked a lot of polish. We wanted more for our clients.

Thankfully, after years of constant development, WordPress is now the platform we wanted it to be. It is a robust and stable system that allows an administrator to provide site updates and new features while allowing a business owner to create new posts and add products, without the hassle of coding. We can now provide our clients with remote & hosted backup solutions, a ton of security features, and social media marketing integration, all from with the WordPress backend dashboard. We are now also able to include on-site SEO services within the WordPress platform! We still encourage all business owners to leave certain things to the experts, and that is where we can help.

If you are a business owner in Suffolk County and need help running and updating your WordPress website, Madtempest Holdings, Inc. can help you with that. Contact Us today and let us help with your Suffolk County WordPress needs.